Inspired by classics from the brewing schools

Inspired by classic brewing guidelines

about don

We are a brewery made of stories, where the soul is the secret of our business. In this market, size is not a document, but identity is.

In each label, our soul and our heart will always be present, because we know that it takes time, dedication and a lot of work to create something special and perennial.

Don Gentilis is a family brewery that brings the faces of brewer Cadu Lopes’ parents on its labels.

don gentilis

He is real! Gentil Christe Lopes, a lover of life, joy and good conversation. Born in Colônia Paulista, a small neighborhood in São Paulo colonized by German descendants and which to this day preserves German traditions and customs. His great passion was cars and in them he spent most of his life working as a driver. With him we learn the values ​​that guide our steps until today: discipline, rectitude and credibility. We are proud to have him as the patriarch of the Don Gentilis family.

la mercedita

Ms. Mercedes, affectionately nicknamed Grandma Mê, completes the Don Gentilis family. Maria Mercedes Martins Lopes is a strong, determined woman and has always been ahead of her time. At 15, she was already driving his carriage through the streets of Cruzeiro, countryside São Paulo, where she was born. Her craft skills took flight through cutting and sewing, crochet, knitting and also cooking. She dedicated a large part of her life to taking care of her children and teaching them to be the owners of their own stories. Having her as matriarch of the Don Gentilis family is a great honor.

our brewer

Cadu Lopes, in his professional life, worked in large companies, setting up factories and malt houses in Latin America. Cadu has always loved cooking and studying about it, and his passion for gastronomy ended up taking him to the world of special beer. He set up his own equipment at home and started to produce his beers and sell them to friends and what was a hobby became his passion. In 2017, he decided to delve into the art of making beer, specializing at the Superior School of Beer and Malt in Blumenau – SC.

Thus, in 2018, with his wife, he opened Don Gentilis Craft Beer , a space dedicated to the art of making and enjoying classic and really special beer.


With carefully planned facilities to produce high quality beers and welcome beer lovers, in an organized and clean environment. Don Gentilis opens on Saturdays with good music, factory bar with beers straight from the tap, in glasses or growlers, beer garden, shop and a warm welcome from the brewer Cadu Lopes and his family.

All made with love so that visitors and friends have a real immersion in this incredible world of craft beer. Guided tours usually take place on Saturdays and need to be scheduled through whatsapp.

our factory

our beers

Don Gentilis beers are inspired by classics. Some even not known in Brazil, such as the Roggenbier style.

We are a brewery predominantly guided by the German style guidelines, respecting the premises of the Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law. However, the American, English and Belgian styles are present on our labels. Our beers are brewed with soul, heart, high technical quality and adapted to Brazilian taste.

Whether for the essence of tradition, or the gastronomic training of brewer Cadu Lopes, our beers are extremely gastronomic, with the potential to create surprising combinations with dishes from the most diverse cuisines.


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