Inspired by classics from the brewing schools

Inspired by classic brewing guidelines

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German purity

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Real craft beer

Ativo 77

High degree of Drinkability

our story

We are a brewery made of stories, where the soul is the secret of our business. In this market, size is not a document, but identity is.

who inspires us

He is real! Gentil Christe Lopes, a lover of life, joy and good conversation.
Born in Colônia Paulista, a small neighborhood in São Paulo colonized by German descendants and which to this day preserves German traditions and customs. We are proud to have him as the patriarch of the Don Gentilis family.

our brewer

Cadu Lopes, in his professional life, worked in large companies, setting up factories and malt houses in Latin America. Cadu has always loved cooking and studying about it, and his passion for gastronomy ended up taking him to the world of special beers. He set up his own equipment at home and started to produce his beers and sell them to friends and what was a hobby became his passion. In 2017, he decided to delve into the art of making beer, specializing at the Superior School of Beer and Malt in Blumenau – SC.

Thus, in 2018, with his wife,he opened Don Gentilis Craft Beer, a space dedicated to the art of making and enjoying classic and really special beers.

our beers

We have as references the most traditional and classic styles of the brewing schools. Our beers are not filtered and have as their main characteristic, the strong presence of malt. We present our two beer lines: Don Gentilis and La Mercedita.

certified brewery

Don Gentilis proudly declares that it is the first and only brewery in Brazil with Kosher Certification.

Kosher, in free translation, means “own” in Hebrew, indicating something that is fit for consumption.

A brand with Kosher Certification has its processes and products complying with specific and strict standards. The certification is recognized worldwide as a synonym of maximum quality control, and its issuance depends on total transparency of information between the company that manufactures the product and the Jewish entity that issues the document.

Processes and products are periodically monitored to ensure that the requirements and verification is met, and for this reason many people, even those who do not practice the religion, are choosing to consume Kosher products, as they know they are ingesting an extremely high quality product.

The processes and ingredients used in the manufacture of Don Gentilis beers now hold this honorable recognition and certification, since November 3, 2021, making official our commitment to delivering the highest quality, without losing the artisanal principles!

open door factory

The factory facilities have been carefully planned to ensure the quality of the beers. A clean, organized space with a factory shop, beer garden and factory bar open on Saturdays for beer lovers. All made with great care so that visitors and friends have a real immersion in this incredible world of craft beer.

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